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  • Water resources

    January 2019 update

    Following higher than average levels of rainfall in November, December was another fairly wet month, with 110% of the long-term monthly average. This was preceded by lower than average rainfall in September (67%) and October (45%).Overall, the rain received in the last six months (July to December) has been 85% of the long-term average, at 436mm.

    Surface reservoir storage increased throughout December, and by the end of the month total storage was 99% of total capacity (please see the table below for our latest resource position). Pumped storage (where we pump water from rivers to top up storage in the surface reservoirs) is currently running into Wimbleball reservoir, which was 78% full at the beginning of January.

    River flows are monitored on a daily basis to ensure stream supports are switched on as the appropriate flow triggers are reached. River flows continued to increase throughout December, however most remain slightly below average for the time of year. Stream supports which help improve river flows are in operation in the following locations:

    • Chitterne (Chitterne Brook, nr Warminster)
    • Watergates (Tadnoll Brook, Dorset)

    Groundwater levels across the region also continued to increase throughout December, however most remain below average for the time of year. In Dorset, the groundwater level at Ashton Farm (chalk aquifer) is above average, whilst in Wiltshire, the groundwater at Tilshead (also chalk) is below average.
    Demand for water increased by 20% during the hot dry weather of June and July. Demand has continued to decrease since this period and is now similar to the levels expected for the time of year.
    We are committed to helping customers to reduce their water use. We offer free water efficiency devices to our customers and also provide useful tips on how to reduce water use both in in the home and garden. Using water wisely can reduce customers' utility bills and help their local environment.

    Weekly update - 11/01/2019


    89% of average - For the last 12 months

      110% of average - For last month


    98% Full (As of 17/01/2019)


    Below average 

    Supporting river flows  

    9 million litres per day (As of 17/01/2019)

    Leaks fixed this year


    Water saving initiatives 

    3.4 million litres since 2015 
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