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  • Asset condition and investment

    Asset condition

    The basic function of our physical assets is to serve the needs of society and the environment. So, we invest for the long term and maintain our assets for future generations.

    As well as conventional investment, we consider alternatives that may be less expensive and potentially less intrusive, even if there are sometimes extra complexities and uncertainties involved.

    We are also conscious of the need to be a ‘good neighbour’; for this reason we have detailed management plans concerning odour, noise, visual impacts and vehicle movements and we liaise closely with local people about such matters.

    As a company we are committed to:

    • maintaining the capacity and effectiveness of our assets to enable continued provision of service to our customers
    • maintaining accreditation to the asset management standard ISO55001
    • meeting asset related performance commitments
    • managing our assets to minimise potential causes of nuisance to our customers and meet our SIM performance commitment
    • improving coverage of issues within appraisal methods
    • prioritising solutions separating foul and surface water sewers where possible, as well as providing storage within the sewerage network
    • delivering surface water separation schemes in Bridgwater and Weston-super-Mare.

    In 2015-16 our asset management framework continued to help us develop a more integrated approach to risk and investment decision making.

    We are certified to the international standard for asset management, ISO55001:2014.

    A key component of this framework has been the implementation of work and asset management systems and these are being extended to all parts of the business to enable us to continue improving our asset knowledge and operational efficiency.

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