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  • Health and safety

    The potential hazards faced by our industry require the highest standards of health and safety. We are committed to protecting our staff and everyone affected by our operations.

    As a responsible employer it is clear to us that the management of health and safety is critical to our success, particularly as we seek to adopt even better ways of delivering services to our customers.

    No activity can be totally without risk and we must ensure that our operations are carried out in such as a way to remove unnecessary risk, and control and manage any residual risk to prevent injury or harm.

    Where risk cannot be managed and safety assured then work must be stop until a safe solution can be found.

    Protecting the health, safety and welfare of our staff, contractors and customers remains an established and shared responsibility that is essential to our reputation as a leading and trusted employer.

    We continue to develop and embed a strong health, safety and welfare culture in our day to day operations that targets zero incidents and supports our aim to be a great place to work in which all employees can work safely and reach their full potential.

    During the year we have encouraged staff to report all incidents and especially near misses. Any report that raises significant concerns is subject to additional investigation and where appropriate the situation is rectified or procedures improved.

    Health and safety awards

    Engineering and Construction were awarded the prestigious Sir George Earle trophy by RoSPA - the pinnacle of the RoSPA Awards scheme and internationally recognised as the premier performance award for occupational health and safety. RoSPA acknowledged our committed and insightful management and the innovative and unique approch to changing behaviour based on expanding the awareness of teams as well as engaging and using them as a source for innovation.

    Operations were awarded a distinction in the British Safety Council's 2016 International Safety awards with a score of 59 out of 60 and were shortlisted for the Power and Utilities sector award that recognises outstanding performance.

    Future initiatives

    While our overall performance is encouraging and remains within target, we continue to look for new ways to improve. 

    We are:

    • developing a safety incident and observation app to improve the ease of reporting incidents and near misses
    • trialling a driver behaviour programme
    • reviewing our arrangements for managing the safety of lone and mobile workers
    • trialling female fit personal protective equipment.

    Monitoring accidents and incidents

    We monitor all accidents and incidents reported by employees and, in particular, attention is paid to:

    • the annual number of total and reportable incidents 
    • the areas of the company from which these arise
    • the proportion of these that fall under each RIDDOR (reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations) accident category
    • days lost as a result of reportable incidents.

    This information is used to evaluate where resources should be allocated to effectively address any problem areas.

    Figures for the 12 months to 31 December 2016 are as follows:

    • 539 incidents reported (an increase of 17% from 2015)
    • no fatalities or life changing (permanently disabling) injuries
    • no reportable diseases or dangerous occurences
    • 10 incidents were notifiable to the Health and Safety Executive (an increase of three from 2015)
    • 230 working days lost through notifiable incidents (a reduction of 40% from 2015)
    • no enforcement action from the Health and Safety Executive.

    Despite an increase in the overall number of reportable incidents during 2016, overall safety performance was within the company target.

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