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  • Apply now!

    Wessex Water knows sometimes it is difficult to figure out which apprenticeship is going to suit your skills and career aims, so we offer a simple “apply once, cover all” option for our technical apprenticeships.

    One application for our technical apprenticeship programmes will allow your application to be considered for over 40 positions!

    We like to attract people from all sorts of backgrounds, so we offer different ways in which you can apply. We know that not everyone is great a writing, and that sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to put on a CV. Whilst we’re interested in your qualifications and academic ability, your personality and enthusiasm are key to securing employment in Wessex Water; and we can’t always see that in a document CV.

    This year you can choose how to apply for your Wessex Water apprenticeship, you choose one or more of the following methods:

    Registration is only the first part of the process. Once you’ve completed this short part there are 4 ways in which you can apply:

    • Upload a CV
    • Write a supporting statement
    • Attend a speed interview- details coming soon!
    • Share a Vlog CV link for us to watch – scroll down for our quick guide

    Or you can do all of these!

    Click on “Apply Now” to complete the basic information, and complete your basic details, then apply as you wish. 

    Apply now!

    What happens next


    Recruitment process   

    Your Guide to a Vlog CV for Wessex Water

    A Vlog CV is a short 10 minute video which shows us what you’re like. We don’t expect a high spec film, just you and your phone camera are fine with us.

    Don’t forget to introduce yourself at the start!

    Your Vlog CV should answer the following questions:

    • Why do you want to work in the water industry?
    • What subjects have you studied at school/ college/ university
    • Which subject have interested you the most?
    • Do you prefer to work in a classroom environment or in a practical space? Why?
    • What other team working experience do you have? This might be part time work/ school or college projects/ sports teams/ clubs
    • What three words would your best friend use to describe you?

    Making a Vlog CV

    • Complete the first section of our online application form with your basic personal details so we know how to contact you
    • Record your Vlog CV
    • Upload your Vlog CV to youtube

    By default your video will be set to “public” which means anyone can view it. You need to change the privacy settings when your uploading it in the “Privacy Settings” section by:  

    • Visit your “video manager”
    • Find the video then click “edit”
    • In the “Privacy Settings” drop down menu, select unlisted
    • Click “save changes”

    Making the video “unlisted” means that only people with the link can see the video. Unlisted videos won’t appear in any YouTube public spaces, like your channel page, or search results.

    Uploading your Vlog CV

    • Copy the link from the address bar
    • Paste your link into the space on the online application form
    • Click “submit” and you’re done!!

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