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  • Leak detection and repair terms and conditions (business)

    If your business has acted quickly to identify and repair your leak, we will honour your claim for a leak allowance.

    To qualify for an allowance you will need to:

    • provide us with evidence that you have checked your meter reading regularly
    • make an application in writing within four weeks of completing the leak repair
    • supply us with any supporting information within six weeks of our request in writing.

    No claims for leak allowances for water supply or sewerage services will be granted on expiry of 12 months from the date of the leak being repaired.

    No leak allowances will be given:

    • for leaks from above ground infrastructure or for wastage from faulty appliances
    • where a leak has been caused through negligence on your part or by anyone
    • acting on your behalf.

    After the first reported leak event, we would recommend you consider the use of a water leakage alert device. After the second leak event on a particular site no subsequent leak allowances will be granted unless you can demonstrate that a comprehensive survey and improvement of your site's water supply infrastructure has been carried out.

    We will keep records of all leaks and allowances given on a particular site. Where there is a change of ownership on a particular site on which we have granted past allowances and offered free leak detection and repair services, we reserve the right to suspend our free service and allowance scheme until evidence of a comprehensive onsite pipework renewal programme has been provided.

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