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  • Looking out for leaks

    We want to help you look after your water pipes and make it as easy as possible for you to find and fix leaks - it's all part of our commitment to reduce leakage across our region.

    You may have a leak if you notice:

    • areas of lush vegetation
    • a big drop in water pressure
    • damp patches on the ground
    • an unexplained change on your bill.

    If your property is metered and the meter dial is turning when you are not using any water, it is likely you have a leak.

    Turn off your internal stop tap and check the meter. If the meter dial has stopped turning you may have a leak inside your property. We suggest you contact a plumber. To find one, visit  WaterSafe.

    If the meter is still turning when the stop tap is off, it is likely that you have a leak on your private supply pipe and you should contact us.

    Top tip: find your stop tap

    It is useful to know where your internal stop tap is located. It can often be found under the kitchen sink.

    Your stop tap should be in good working order at all times so you can turn off your water in an emergency. We also need it to be working for leak investigation work if we attend your property.

    If it isn't working, please call a plumber. To find your nearest plumber, visit WaterSafe

    If you think you have a leak you will need to locate your internal stop tap and check to see if it shuts off your water to all of your property. 

    Household insurance

    We recommend that you check your household insurance policy to see what it covers - some policies cover repairs to internal pipework but many don't. We're always here to help so if you're unsure what you're responsible for please contact us. 

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