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  • Mains replacement scheme in Barwick and Stoford

    Barwick and Stoford The villages of Barwick and Stoford are mostly served by cast iron water mains laid in the 1920s.

    The water mains have reached the end of their life and are occasionally bursting which has resulted in some customers experiencing discoloured water.

    To provide local residents and businesses with a more reliable supply, we are replacing 2.8km of water mains with plastic pipes.

    Plastic pipes will reduce the likelihood of water supply interruptions in the future and will help to improve both the water pressure and water quality.

    Barwick and Stoford map

  • What’s involved?

    To minimise disruption, we’ll be using an innovative technique known as pipe bursting which involves laying the new pipeline along the existing route. 

    This allows us to upsize water mains without having to excavate long trenches along roads. We will just need reception pits approximately 95m apart. 

    If we are unable to pipe-burst we will revert to the more traditional open cut method to place the new water main. 
    We will also be transferring customer supply pipes which connect to our water mains. Any supply pipes that are of a lead, copper and galvanised iron material will be replaced with new plastic pipe to protect the quality of water entering customers’ properties. 

    How will this work affect you?

    Work started on 9 May 2016 and involves road closures and diversions which have been agreed with Somerset County Council. 

    Due to the location of our existing water mains it will be necessary to close seven roads at different times throughout the 52 weeks of the project. 

    Full diversion routes will be in place with suitable signage directing local traffic. Access will be maintained for residents at all times, but roads will be closed to through traffic. 

    Where we can work without closing roads, there will be two-way and three-way traffic lights. This will enable us to replace water mains safely, protecting our workforce and the public. Unfortunately this may slow down journeys for regular road users and public transport. 

    There will be occasions when it will be necessary to turn off your water supply to enable us to make water supply connections. You will be given 48 hours’ notice before any supply interruption. 

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this essential work. 

    Need to know more?

    If you have any queries about this work, please  contact us.

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