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  • Emergency sewer repairs – Percy Road, Bournemouth

    We’re carrying out repairs to a collapsed sewer in Percy Road. Work started in October 2016 and is expected to be complete in spring 2017.

    Percy Road - Bournemouth

    What’s going on?

    Before repairing the sewer, ground investigation work, involving detailed surveys, is being carried out to find out what’s caused the road to subside.  While it may appear that no construction activity is taking place on site, don’t worry we‘re working behind the scenes on an engineering solution to repair the collapsed sewer.

    Ground investigation work and inspections of other infrastructure in the area has showed that groundwater and sand was getting into a short section of larger sewer in the same area, known as the Bournemouth coastal interceptor sewer (CIS). 

    The sewer is 18 metres below ground and takes flows to Holdenhurst sewage treatment works, in Bournemouth. 

    While the coastal interceptor sewer is currently operating as normal it is essential that maintenance work was carried out. 

    How will work affect you?

    In the interest of safety, Percy Road will remain closed while repairs take place. Please follow the official diversion route which is via Michelgrove Road, Boscombe Cliff Road and Byron Road - please see the map below. We expect the road to be closed until at least April 2017. Customers’ water and sewerage services can be used as normal.

    To allow repairs to be carried out to the larger sewer (CIS), an overland pipe will be installed so we can maintain sewerage services. 

    The temporary pipe will run from an access point on Boscombe Chine Gardens, via Boscombe Overcliff to Fisherman’s Walk, near Montague Road - a distance of around 2.4km. 

    Sewerage repair work diagram

    We have chosen a route for the pipeline that avoids major roads to minimise disruption to the area.  While we appreciate that this may cause some inconvenience, using a temporary overland pipe will mean we can complete repairs to both Percy Road and to the larger sewer.

    Why is work taking so long?

    A small section of Percy Road has subsided so it’s important we understand what has caused this before construction work gets underway. There are a number of essential services, including water and gas mains, as well as high voltage power cables, in the area that need to be diverted. Due to the depth of the sewer and the challenging ground conditions, a bespoke engineering solution is required to carry out repairs and specialist equipment will be required. This means that work to repair the sewer is taking longer than we would normally expect. 

    While there may appear to be little happening on the ground, we have specialist engineers working in the 1.8-metre diameter sewer that is deep below ground.  

    Sections of pipe will be laid in the area during late November and December with repairs to the major sewer anticipated to be completed around February next year. Work will then start on the collapsed sewer in Percy Road and repairs to the road surface. 

    How are you keeping people informed?

    We have written to local residents and have spoken personally to those directly affected by our working area. As work progresses we will continue to update local people.  

    We have discussed our proposals with Bournemouth Borough Council and the Environment Agency and kept local people informed.

    We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused by our emergency repair work. If you need to get in touch with the project team, please call customer services on 0345 600 4 600 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, emergencies only at other times).

    Percy Road closure map  

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