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  • Portable standpipe hire

    To access a temporary water supply from our water distribution network, you will need a standpipe, a portable device.

    This must be hired from us using our appointed agents, Eagle Plant, a company with more than 30 years’ experience in the industry.

    You can hire and collect standpipes from Eagle Plant depots in Chard, Taunton, Westbury or Weymouth or satellite depots based at Illminster, Minehead, Tetbury, Wareham and Wells.

    To hire from one of the satellite depots, you will need to give advance notice to Eagle Plant’s head office at Chard.

       The cost of hiring a standpipe up to 25mm in diameter is as follows:
    Refundable deposit £150 
    Rental charges  £17 plus VAT per month (minimum charge of one month) 
    Assessed consumption charge £35 payable on a minimum monthly basis for each month or part month 

      Need to know

      It is a criminal offence under section 174(3) of the Water Industry Act 1991 to use a standpipe other than one hired from us - you could be liable to a fine of up to £1,000 if convicted.

      The standpipe you hire will be up to 25mm (1 inch) in diameter and will include a double check valve to protect the public water supply from contamination. It will have a serial number stamped on it and generally will not be metered.

      Subject to complying with our conditions of use, a standpipe can be connected to one of the washout hydrants on our network. These are fitted with blue caps and can be unlocked with a removal key issued when you hire the standpipe.

      It is against the law to attach a standpipe to a fire hydrant - these are for sole use of Wessex Water and fire brigade staff and are usually located beneath yellow covers marked FH. Fire hydrants belonging to the Fire Brigade are secured with red locking caps and warning stickers.

      Connection of standpipes is subject to complete compliance with our instructions of use. Please note that once water has been taken from a standpipe and transferred into containers or through a temporary plumbing system, it cannot be guaranteed for human consumption.

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