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  • Be Smart, switch to a meter

    More than 50% of our customers are now on a water meter, and in the last six years more than 50,000 households in our region have made the switch.

    Meters are becoming the norm in our region as people feel they have greater control over their bill and are more aware of the savings that could be made.

    On average, those who switch save around £100 per year – and it does not necessarily mean you have to significantly change the way you use water.

    Cheaper to be on a meter

    Retired couple Peter and Susan Renshaw moved to a new metered property in Wiltshire five years ago and they've noticed a big difference in their bill after previously being in a house with a high rateable value.

    Mr Renshaw said: “I have always been quite economical when it comes to using water but I’ve definitely noticed it is cheaper to be on a meter.

    “Having a meter means you tend to be more careful, and I am probably only in the shower for two to three minutes


    “We rarely use the dishwasher, and when I wash up the old-fashioned way I tend to use the water sparingly. I’m also a big user of the garden and I have three water butts.

    “I would certainly recommend a meter to friends. In my view you would only be worse off with a meter if you were tremendously wasteful.”

    £400 saving a year

    Customer, Kathy Wilson had a meter fitted more than 10 years ago and is adamant she would not now be without it.

    “I’m someone who hates to see water wasted and I get annoyed with my slow immersion heater when I’m washing up,” she said.

    “I would estimate I save around £30 a month – £400 a year – on my water bills thanks to my meter, and I’m always trying to persuade my neighbours to get one put in.

    “Normally they can be fitted without anyone coming into the house, so it really isn’t any hassle to switch.”

    Be Smart, switch now

    Apply online

    Be Smart switch to a meter

    Once we’ve received your application, we’ll be in touch. Your meter will be fitted quickly and you may not even need to be at home.
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