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  • Biodiversity Action Plan

    Our biodiversity action plan (WWBAP) was the first corporate initiative of its kind to be based on the UK biodiversity action plan (UK BAP).

    It incorporates objectives and targets within the UK BAP and has been acknowledged by the UK government report Sustaining the Variety of Life as a best practice example of corporate involvement in biodiversity work.

    It draws on a long tradition of wildlife conservation work within Wessex Water and has developed into a coherent programme of activity including:

    • the partners programme which provides funding to projects carried out by wildlife organisations
    • our environmental assessment work to enhance biodiversity on our land, such as the sites of treatment works
    • our Conservation, access, recreation work which outlines our duty of care in the region.

    The programme involves:

    • funding projects to protect and enhance the region’s biodiversity
    • minimising the impact of Wessex Water’s investment programme on biodiversity
    • enhancing biodiversity on Wessex Water sites.

    Our BAP was given impetus by regulation that has been instrumental in the development of biodiversity work.

    This includes:

    • international agreements such as the International Convention on Biodiversity, agreed at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development at Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance
    • European Union (EU) legislation, eg, the Species and Habitats Directive covering the Natura 2000 sites
    • national legislation and policy, eg, the UK BAP, the Code of Practice on Conservation, Access and Recreation and the duty to conserve biodiversity under the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act, Water Act and the Conservation and Rights of Way Act
    • the South West Regional Spatial Strategy, for which there is a significant biodiversity dimension.
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