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    Keeping your drains and sewers clear

    In the bathroom

    Every day homes in your area are affected by blocked sewer pipes – and many of these could have been avoided.

    It’s easy to protect your pipes from blocking and causing sewage flooding.

    Simply put items such as wet wipes and sanitary products in the bin.

    Wipes don’t break down in the same way as toilet paper, while sanitary products and nappies can cause problems too if they are flushed.

    Blockages can result in what you flush coming back up through the toilet, sink or manhole and causing misery by flooding your home or a neighbour’s.

    Unblocking sewer pipes and repairing or replacing pumps is expensive, potentially adding to your water bill.

    And blockages can cause pollution in streams, rivers and beaches.

    So our advice is to only flush the three Ps:

    poo and

    to keep your pipes blockage free.

    Don’t forget: If you have a duel-flush toilet, use the small flush for paper and pee and the long flush for poo.  


    In the kitchen

    Pouring cooking oil, fat or grease down the sink can also cause blockages.

    Food waste and cooking fats in liquid form might not appear harmful, but they congeal when cooled to form blockages in pipes, drains and sewers.
    Here are our top five tips to help you stop the block:

    Avoid pouring cooking oil, fat or grease down your sink or drain.

    Wipe and scrape any leftovers off plates into the food waste bin before washing up.

    Use a strainer in your sink plughole and empty any contents into the food waste bin.

    Keep oily or fatty pots and pans out of the dishwasher.

    • Wrap coffee grounds in newspaper and place them in the food waste bin.

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