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Water supply and sewerage

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  • Metering - our promise

    We aim to provide you with the highest levels of customer service and want to give you the best possible experience when dealing with us.

    If we fail to meet our standards of service we will compensate you. Our promises regarding metering are as follows:

  • Water meters

     Compensation if we fail to keep our promise How we'll pay you
     Fitting meters We'll fit your meter within 30 working days of receiving your application form . Your bill will be calculated based on your water use from the date the meter is fitted Water supply will be free from the end of the 30 working days until we fit the meter* -
     Meter readingsWe'll read your meter at least once a year as long as we can gain access to it £25  You must claim
    Moving houseIf you move house we'll read your meter on the day you move as long as you give us five working day's notice£25 You must claim
    Extra readingsCustomers with additional needs and the elderly can ask for up to a maximum of four extra meter readings each year. We'll take the readings within five working days of your request£25 You must claim
     * unless installation has been delayed at your request or that of a third party. 


  • Points to note

    • Our working hours are Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, excluding bank holidays.
    • Our timescales start on the day we receive your request or correspondence.
    • Compensation payments are normally made by cheque. If your account is in debt, payments will be credited to your account.
    • Where we are not able to identify customers affected by sewage flooding, pressure issues and supply interruptions, customers can claim payments themselves.
    • Call 0345 600 4 600 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm) to claim compensation. Any claims must be made within three months.
    • Penalty payments: Where we fail to make an automatic payment within the stated time we will make penalty payments. Please refer to the tables for details. Where you need to claim a payment, we'll make that payment within 10 working days of your claim. If we fail to do that you are entitled to a penalty payment.
    • Disputes: Any disputes arising in relation to guaranteed standard payments may be referred to Ofwat for determination. Its decision is binding.
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