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  • Sewerage network

    We treat 480 million litres of sewage from 2.8 million customers every day.

    We have:

    • 34,700 kilometres (21,570 miles) of sewers
    • 409 sewage treatment works
    • 1,660 sewage pumping stations.

    Wessex Water region 660

    Sewage flooding 

    Sewage flooding is rare but when it does occur it can be devastating so tackling it remains a key objective.

    We've introduced a new performance commitment which measures the overall flood risk due to inadequate capacity (potentially causing internal or external flooding).

    In 2015/16 we invested £8m to reduce the risk of flooding at 91 properties or locations. Due to a third party delay one of our projects will finish in early 2016-17, so while we narrowly missed the target for the year we remain on track to achieve it in future years.

    At 1.36 incidents per 10,000 properties, we've beaten our performance commitment in terms of internal flooding due to blockages in public sewers. This is a result of continued operational improvements and generally benign weather conditions in the region last winter.

    The responsibility for flooding is often complex and we work with local authorities as they produce surface water management plans and strategies to review flood management.

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