6 ways to reduce your waste at Christmas

6 ways to reduce your waste at Christmas

In the UK, we produce 30% more waste over the Christmas period than we do during the rest of the year, but by becoming more waste-conscious we can start reducing this number.

Waste contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and can have a negative impact on wildlife, so we should all be doing more to create less of it – why not make a start this Christmas?

These are our top six tips to limit your wastage during the festive season:

Avoid plastic packaging

1. Avoid plastic packaging

From fragrance gift sets to chocolate selection boxes, a lot of the gifts we buy come with plastic packaging. Try to buy products that have little to no packaging. You can then take your environmental efforts to the next level by wrapping them in recycled brown paper and paper tape or reusing an old gift bag from a previous gift.

2. Keep food waste low

It’s estimated that people in the UK waste 54 million platefuls of food during December, with seven in 10 people admitting to buying more food than they need. You can keep your food waste down by only buying what you need and making use of leftovers instead of throwing them away.

Recycle your tree

3. Recycle your tree

With six million Christmas trees getting thrown away every year, it’s vital we find a way to make sure they don’t all go to waste. Lots of councils and companies can collect and recycle your tree for a reasonable fee. It can then be used as chippings or compost. Alternatively, you could buy a potted tree that can be used year after year.

4. Re-gift unwanted items

We’ve all opened at least one present on Christmas day and been a little underwhelmed. If you receive something you’re not going to use, consider re-gifting it next year or donating it to your local charity shop to make sure it gets put to good use.

Give eco-friendly gifts

5. Give eco-friendly gifts

There are a number of eco-friendly products you could gift to friends and family, including reusable items or products made from recyclable materials – there are lots of online sustainable shops that have some great options. If you know someone who loves animals, adopting an animal on their behalf could also be a great present.

6. Send an e-card

We buy more than one billion Christmas cards every year, with the majority of them ending up in the bin a week or two after being opened. You could help to combat this by sending an e-card to your loved ones or encouraging them not to send you one. If you enjoy sending cards, go for a sustainable option and remember to recycle.

You can also benefit the environment by following these 14 ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Written by

Tom Thomson

Junior Content Writer