NHS uniform washing rebate

NHS uniform washing rebate  

To help support NHS workers who had to wash their own uniforms at home during the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, we provided a water bill rebate to cover cost of the additional water used.

During 2020-21, around 14,500 frontline NHS workers, including nurses, doctors and paramedics - all of whom were on water meters - applied for the rebate.

Applications for the rebate closed on 31 March 2021.

The NHS rebate was just one of the ways we provided support to local communities during the Covid-19 pandemic. We also:

  • Provided funding for projects through the Wessex Water Foundation for local groups impacted by the Covid-19 crisis
  • Partnered with Age UK Bath & North East Somerset to deliver hot lunches to vulnerable elderly people who were self-isolating in and around Bath, who would normally benefit from a vital lunch club service. Using surplus produce from the restaurant in our head office, delicious meals prepared by our caterers Baxter Storey have been transported around the city by a group of our volunteers.
  • Had many colleagues volunteer to assist the NHS when the pandemic was at its peak in 2020 and also with the vaccination programme in 2021.

We realise that there are some people who may be struggling to pay their bill as a direct result of the Covid-19 crisis. To find out what help is available visit our help to pay section.

Further information and the eligibility criteria for our NHS rebate can be found in our terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions

  • Once your application has been accepted, a rebate of up to £50 (a £25 rebate to cover each of your water and sewerage increased usage) will be applied to your next Bristol Water or Wessex Water bill. Note that if you only receive a water supply and have no sewerage service from Wessex Water, a rebate of £25 will apply. 
  • The rebate will apply in relation to your water and sewerage consumption for the period from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021 ("relevant period") only. 
  • Each eligible person within the same household is entitled to one rebate during the relevant period and required to fill in an application form in order to be entitled for that rebate. 
  • Eligibility - you can only apply for a rebate if you:
    • you can only apply for a rebate if you: receive your water supply from Bristol Water or Wessex Water; and
    • are on a water meter; and
    • are a frontline NHS employee and required to wash your uniform given to you by your employer.
  • Bristol Water and Wessex Water's decision in relation to a person’s eligibility to obtain a rebate will be final.
  • Bristol Water and Wessex Water reserves the right to amend the eligibility criteria and to void, suspend or cancel the rebate at any time, including but not limited to circumstances where you have applied for a rebate but are not eligible for that rebate.  
  • Your personal information will be used in accordance with Bristol Water's privacy policy and Wessex Water's privacy policy