Wholesale competition

Wholesale competition

Bulk Charges for NAVS for 2020-21

Our 2020-21 Bulk Charges for NAVs make use of the same methodology as our 2019-20 charges; based upon Ofwat’s May 2018 guidance.

Bulk Charges for NAVS for 2019-20

Ofwat published new guidance in May 2018 on the process it would follow in determining the appropriate bulk charges for a new entrant (NAV). Ofwat expects water companies to follow its new guidance when determining bulk supplies to NAVs. As a result we have published our 2019-20 Bulk charges for NAVs document that sets out our charges to NAVs for 2019-20.

Access prices

The Water Act 2003 opens up competition in the water industry by providing licensed water supply companies with access to a water undertaker’s network to make a supply of water available to eligible customers.

Eligible customers are non-household customers who are likely to use at least five million litres of water a year at a single premise.

Under the licensing regime water supply licensees may make a supply of water to eligible customers by buying water wholesale from a water supply undertaker and selling it on to customers, or developing their own water source and using the supply network of an undertaker to supply water to customers’ premises.

Access codes

The water industry regulator Ofwat is responsible for implementing the government’s legislation on water competition and has prescribed the timetable and methodology for producing access prices and access codes for access to a water undertaker’s network. 

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