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How you can help

Save water

A growing population, changing lifestyles and increasingly erratic weather patterns have all increased the pressure on our water supply. Taking positive action now can help to ensure that there is enough water for people, businesses, the Stour and the wildlife it supports. Water saving tips are available from the two water companies in the Stour catchment area: 

Eutrophication and pollution

Eutrophication and pollution pose a serious threat to our water environment; please refer to the fact sheet for information on signs of these threats, what to look out for and who to report it to.

Invasive non-native species control

Invasive non-native species can have a damaging and lasting impact on our water ways and the species they are home to. As a water user you may be unknowingly contributing to the spread of these non-native species in equipment, footwear and clothing, follow the three simple steps to help stop the spread: check, clean, dry. See the related downloads for more information.


There are a number of ways you can help within our catchment, from monitoring the river water quality and ecology to river restoration work. To find out how you can get involved, explore the volunteering opportunities here.

Involvement of land managers/owners

If you are interested in doing work on your land to reduce pollution or to improve the habitat of your river, contact or visit Catchment Sensitive Farming, FWAG SW or NFU. Information on the role of agriculture within the catchment, its impacts and what can be done to reduce it can be found via the agriculture link. 

If you are interested in attending any agriculture events, please visit: