Hampshire drainage and wastewater management plan

Drainage and wastewater management for Hampshire Avon

In the Wessex Water area, we have four management catchments aligned with the river catchments, where we are working closely with strategic partners to identify and deliver solutions for the long-term management of drainage and wastewater.

The Hampshire Avon management catchment

The Hampshire Avon management catchment includes Wiltshire, parts of Hampshire, the city of Salisbury and town of Christchurch. The Hampshire Avon is a predominantly chalk catchment that support habitats and species of national and international importance.

How we are working with partners

We are working with a range of stakeholders through the Hampshire Avon catchment partnership and working groups to identify priority areas and solutions that will deliver multiple benefits for society, the economy and the environment. Our stakeholders include regulators, such as the Environment Agency and Natural England, councils, developers, non-government organisations (wildlife trusts, rivers trusts), as well as customers.

Salisbury drainage and wastewater strategy

This strategy covers the Salisbury area including Wilton, Harnham, Alderbury, Laverstock and Old Sarum, served by Salisbury water recycling centre.

Warminster drainage and wastewater strategy

This strategy covers the Warminster area, served by Warminster water recycling centre (sewage treatment works).