Sewer flooding

Sewer flooding

Call our sewage floodline on 0345 600 4 600 (24 hours) in the unlikely event that your property is flooded with sewage internally or externally.  

It is important that you contact us each time a flooding event occurs.  

If you experience sewer flooding, you should take the following precautions to protect you and your family:  

  • avoid contact with sewage wherever possible
  • wear protective clothing  
  • protect any cuts and grazes  
  • dispose of any vegetables or fruit growing in your garden if it is flooded  
  • keep your children away from flooded areas for at least seven days after the area has been disinfected  
  • consult your doctor if you suffer vomiting or diarrhoea following a flooding incident.  

What happens next?

We aim to respond to all sewage flooding incidents within:  

  • two hours of a first report of internal flooding  
  • four hours of a first report of external flooding.

  During extreme weather events it might take a little longer to respond.

We will also provide a clean up service where possible, within 12 hours where your property is flooded internally and 24 hours externally.

Sewer flooding is caused by the failure of a pumping station, a blocked sewer or exceptional weather which can overwhelm our system.  

Internal flooding is less common and can be caused when the system backs up through the internal drains inside your property.  

If the flooding is caused by:

  • a blockage in a public sewer, we'll arrange for the blockage to be cleared at our cost
  • exceptional weather, we'll clean up and assess whether any remedial work can be carried out. 
  • a problem in your private drain, you'll be responsible.