Sewer connection

Sewer connection

To connect to our public sewer, you need to make an application to us. We will check and approve it, or will give you further information if your proposals need more technical design. 

If you are connecting a pumped rising main, we will need extra details to check the potential septicity impact on our system. 

A pumped rising main needs a break chamber to slow the flow before the connection point to our public sewer. 

We require all contractors and their employees to obtain a permit card prior to working in a confined space on our assets. Most of our manholes are classed as confined spaces, and we have a restricted operations policy which applies to our staff and contractors. 

Other sewerage connections

More than one property, existing properties, non-domestic properties

Please note:

If you are carrying out any building works onsite you will need to consider whether there are any Wessex Water assets in the way. For more information, please see the tabs below which are relevant to your proposed works:


Building a new house or extension

Domestic and small commercial properties

Building larger developments

Waste and supply services including diversions, adoptions, requisitions, new water mains, self-lay and planning enquiries