Pay for developer services

Developer services online payments

Payments can only be made for Developer Services products. To pay a water and/or sewerage bill view our ways to pay.

What can I pay for?

You can only pay for developer services related fees associated with the building of new houses or extensions.

This includes: asset maps, sewer connections, build overs and water supply connections. You can pay for multiple applications at once (up to five), but the total value must be less than £10,000.

What do I need to pay online?

You will need your application reference.

To pay for an asset map this will be in the format Mxxxxxx (e.g. M001234)

To pay for a sewer connection, your reference will be SCxxxxxx (e.g. SC123456)

For a build over, your reference will be Bxxxxxx (e.g. B123456)

For a water supply connection, you reference will be QSxxxxx (e.g. QS12345)

You should find your reference on correspondence relating to your application or on your quote.

You will also need a valid credit or debit card.