Plumbing and pipes

Plumbing (non household)

Plumbing responsibility

Pipework responsibility

The owner or occupier of the property is responsible for ensuring the design and materials used for the plumbing inside the building meets the national legal requirements*. 

This applies to all plumbing fixtures, eg, pipes, taps, tanks, toilets and appliances, and also includes the service pipe from your property to the external stop tap.

If you discover a leak on your service pipe, you may wish to speak to your retailer. 

There are certain water systems that you must tell us about before you begin installation work, eg, rainwater harvesting systems. Find out more about how to notify us and a list of other installations we must be told about.

You are also responsible for the repair and maintenance of the plumbing system so it is worth checking your insurance policy to make sure you are covered adequately. 

To find out more about your legal responsibilities and useful information about plumbing, please see below:

* Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999.