Other services

Other services


All employers are required to monitor systems in their premises for legionella to demonstrate a safe working environment for employees. Our UKAS accredited testing and reporting programme meets the requirements of BS6068 – 4.12.1998 (ISO 11731: 1998) and we can include interim reporting, if suspect colonies are identified during the 14-day incubation process, to allow customers to implement control measures quickly and safely.

Mineral, spring and bottled waters

We offer a comprehensive microbiological (including cryptosporidium), general chemical, metals, organic chemistry and nutrients analytical service to the bottled water industry including the sterility testing of caps and re-use bottles.

Sludge and agricultural soils

We provide a specialist chemical and microbiological analytical service to ensure that sewage sludges, which by providing numerous nutrients and organic matter act as a valuable soil conditioner, meet the requisite European and British sludge directives. We can arrange a customised sampling and analysis programme from which sludge application rates can be calculated.

Swimming, spa and leisure pool waters

Our dedicated pool/spa water analysis suite provides an important cross reference check for the daily tests carried out by pool staff. We are able to offer the more sophisticated additional parameters not possible at the poolside, but detailed by interest groups such as the Public Health England and the pool water treatment advisory group.

Waste waters and trade effluents

We perform a wide range of wastewater analyses and by working closely with our trade effluent officers can advise on a sampling and analytical programme. This provides you with the information you need to ensure that you comply with your discharge consent licence and to select the best and most cost effective disposal route.