Burnham-on-Sea bathing water improvements

We have invested £39m to upgrade the sewerage infrastructure at various locations along the mouth of the River Parrett and in Bridgwater to help improve the bathing water quality of Burnham Jetty.

Completed in early 2019, this project comprised 12 schemes in the area and involved:

  • increasing storage in the sewerage network
  • installing ultraviolet equipment to improve water quality of discharges to the environment
  • passing more flow to treatment
  • installing monitoring equipment.

Our significant investment in the area has:

  • reduced the number of CSOs (combined sewer overflows) that are used at times of intense rainfall to discharge wastewater into watercourses
  • increased the capacity of our sewerage network to cope with extra flow and store stormwater during times of intense rainfall
  • ensured that sewage continues to be treated to the highest of standards so it can be released safely back into the environment.

In addition we worked with other organisations to identify and resolve other sources of pollution that affect bathing water quality. This included a partnership initiative with local communities to understand how our daily activities have an effect on the quality of the bathing water.

For example, we worked with dog walkers, local restaurants and cafes and residents to reduce levels of dog waste, the presence of seagulls and misconnected drains which can all increase the levels of bacteria entering the sea.

A coastal officer was employed by the partnership to provide advice and assistance to local communities.

If you want to know more about this work we have completed at Burnham-on-Sea, please email env.info@wessexwater.co.uk