Mapping enquiries

Mapping enquiries

We can provide you with a copy of our plans showing the location of water mains and sewers near to your house or development site.

Please note: Our plans are provided for identification purposes only and no warranty as to their accuracy or completeness is given or implied. Please review the disclaimer on the plan for additional information. Please also note that the position of private drains, private sewers and clean water service pipes to properties are not normally shown but their presence must be anticipated and you are advised to carry out your own enquiries and investigations should you wish to locate them. 

Due to changes in legislation that came in to force on 1 October 2011, it is possible that an unrecorded sewer could be crossing the property. Therefore, it will be very important to undertake site investigation works to determine the true drainage arrangements. 

Examples below of what our records could look like:

Example strategic sewer record map shower surface water sewer in blue
Strategic Surface water sewers are shown in bold blue
Example strategic sewer record map showing foul sewer in red
Strategic Foul sewers are shown in bold red