The Wessex Water Marketplace 

Our new Marketplace platform is an online collaboration tool for organisations both inside and outside of the water industry. 

A new approach for the water industry, the Marketplace highlights the challenges we are looking to solve and any data associated with them. 

It underpins our open systems approach and our aim to be more transparent with our customers, supply chain and the rest of the industry. 

Through the online Marketplace we will share the challenges we need to solve in an open question, rather than asking for a price for a pre-determined solution. 

Our ambition is that the Marketplace will facilitate alternative ways of managing water and waste outside of the traditional asset-focused approach. 

Through the Marketplace we will be able to engage and collaborate with other organisations such as NGOs, charities, local authorities, energy companies and community groups to solve the challenges in more holistic and sustainable way. 

We believe this innovative approach will result in smarter solutions, providing better value for our customers and bringing further benefits to the environment. 

As part of the launch, we have released two initial challenges and datasets on the Marketplace website:  

  • reducing phosphorous levels in the Hampshire Avon river catchment  
  • replacing analogue Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) services across its sites, which will be redundant by 2025.  

Find out more on the Wessex Water Marketplace.