Bill cap scheme - WaterSure

We can cap your water bill if you are on a water meter, use a lot of water for reasons you can't control and receive certain income-related benefits.

Who can apply?

To qualify for WaterSure, you must receive one of the main means-tested benefits or tax credits and either:

  • receive child benefit for three or more children under the age of 19 living in your household
  • someone in your household must use more water because of a medical condition.

How does it work?

We will cap your bill in line with the average metered bill.

If you use less, you will only pay for what you use.

You will need to reapply each year.

How to apply, renew or cancel

Select the relevant link below depending on whether this is your first time applying, you are renewing your application, or you are no longer eligible.

Apply for WaterSure?

Renew or cancel WaterSure?