Where your money goes

Every day we supply you and millions of customers in our region with water that is treated to the highest standard before reaching the tap. 

We also take away wastewater and treat it so it can be returned to the environment safely.

We work 24/7 to deliver this essential service.

Between 2020 and 2025 we will be investing to make things even better for both you and the environment.

For you

We will be:

  • investing in the reliability of your water services in case of a drought
  • reducing the chance that you’ll have a supply interruption by replacing old pipes
  • investing in the reliability of your sewerage services to cope with severe weather 
  • ensuring bills remain affordable for all and providing help for those struggling
  • increasing our support for people in vulnerable circumstances
  • expanding our online services to make life easier for you.

For the environment

We will be:

  • cutting the amount of water that leaks by a further 15%
  • working with farmers to protect the sources of your water
  • improving water quality in 480 miles of local rivers
  • installing more water bottle refill sites to cut the use of plastic
  • helping customers use less water and teaching school children about the water environment
  • working with customers and partners to encourage people not to flush the wrong things down the loo, which leads to sewer blockages and pollution incidents.

For more information on our investment programme, see our business plan.