Celebrating our volunteers

Celebrating our volunteers

To celebrate National Volunteers’ Week 2021 (1 to 7 June), we’re looking back at what our Water Force volunteering teams have been up to so far this year.

The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic made volunteering more difficult, but that didn’t stop some of our volunteers from lending a helping hand to those in need.

With restrictions also starting to ease, more of our workforce have begun supporting local charities and organisations to make up for lost time.

Here’s how they’ve been making a real difference in communities across the region.

Fresh paint for a wildlife centre in Highbridge

A team of six volunteers from our Regional Scheduling team recently visited Secret World Wildlife Rescue (SWWR) in East Huntspill, Highbridge.

The charity acts as a rescue centre for orphaned and injured wildlife, helping to rehabilitate them before they are reintroduced into the wild.

The volunteers spent the day levelling off deer paddocks and painting duck homes, which allowed the charity to focus on building a new animal treatment centre.

Meal deliveries in Wiltshire

The Food Box, which is run by St Peter’s Church in Chippenham, provides food parcels to households in need of support in the area.

During the last lockdown, the group delivered food parcels to around 100 households with the help of our volunteers. We provided the group with nearly 500 hot meals which they distributed throughout the town.

A different team of volunteers worked with the Storehouse Foodbank in Trowbridge to provide local people with food and toiletries.

Upgrading Henbury Village Hall’s garden

Colleagues working on the North Bristol relief sewer project spent a day removing a large mound of soil and bark chippings from Henbury Village Hall’s garden.

They got in contact with our team as they needed a hand removing the soil and bark to make more space for outdoor events.

Once removed, the soil and chippings were then wheeled down the road and donated to Blaise Community Garden.

Collecting Christmas trees in Bath

In early January, we took part in Dorothy House Hospice’s annual Christmas tree collection to help raise vital funds for the charity.

Teams of two collected trees from homes across Bath. Alongside other volunteers, our teams helped to collect more than 3,600 trees.

Overall, the whole fundraising weekend raised over £66,000. After the collection, we also allowed the charity to use our Operation Centre’s car park to shred the trees.

If you know of a group or project that requires support, get in touch at community@wessexwater.co.uk

Written by

Tom Thomson

Junior Content Writer

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