Saltford education centre

Saltford education centre


You’ll get an insight into how we treat wastewater and return it safely back into the environment when you visit Bath’s main water recycling centre (sewage treatment centre).

Saltford sewage treatment works

Things to do

  • Carry out a hands on scientific investigation using our equipment
  • Tour the site and observe all the processes happening on site
  • Learn about the unusual things that end up in our sewers
  • Find out how wastewater is treated before it’s returned to the environment
  • Learn about the impact climate change has on water and waste treatment

You’ll get an insight into how we treat wastewater and return it safely to the environment if you visit Bath’s main water recycling centre (sewage treatment centre).

Plus you’ll also discover how things put into our sewers including non-biodegradable items, fats and oils can have an impact on our works and the environment too.

Close to the River Avon, Saltford is an ideal place to find out about the wildlife and habitats and how creatures adapt to their environments.

The role water companies play in the natural water cycle and the challenges posed by climate change to water and sewage treatment can also be included in any school visit to Saltford.

How to book a visit

A visit to Saltford is free to schools.

Visits to Saltford are suitable for pupils in year four and above. If it’s not possible to arrange a site visit, one of our education advisers could visit your school.

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Facilities at Saltford

These include:

  • Fully equipped classroom seating up to 35 pupils
  • Literature to use during the visit, such as worksheets
  • Water recycling centre
  • Television, video and internet access
  • Toilets, with disabled access

How to find Saltford Education Centre

Mead Lane, Saltford

Postcode: BS31 3ER


  • From Bath, travel along the A4 Bath Road towards Bristol
  • From Bristol, travel along the A4 Bath Road towards Bath
  • On seeing the large car showroom in Saltford, turn from the A4 into Beech Road and follow this along until you reach the junction
  • Turn right onto the High Street and drive carefully through the village
  • Continue onto Mead Lane and under the railway bridge, passing the Bird In Hand and Jolly Sailor pubs on your right until you reach a set of gates. Pull onto the white line in front of the gates to open them
  • Continue straight on to the next set of gates. These will need to be opened manually. Turn left at the signpost and follow the road round, bearing right until you pass a bungalow on your left
  • Please park on the gravel close to the bungalow where a member of the Education staff will meet you on your arrival.

Saltford education centre

Saltford, Bristol, BS31 3ER