Reporting pollutions

Call us immediately on 0345 600 4 600 if you spot signs of pollution - please give us a location and description.  

Signs could include:  

  • toilet paper, tissues or wipes, faecal matter, condoms, sanitary products in a river or stream, on land, or on the coast  
  • a river or stream appearing cloudy or milky  
  • soap suds or foam in a river or stream  
  • grey feathery ‘sewage fungus’ on the bed of a river or stream  
  • dead or gasping fish  
  • a noticeable sewage smell.  

What we will do  

We aim to arrive on site within two hours to investigate incidents.  

If we find the pollution is our responsibility we will take action immediately. 

All pollution incidents are reported to the Environment Agency.  

How you can help  

Most pollution incidents are caused by blocked sewers which we work hard to avoid.

You can help us by:  

  • putting your rubbish in the bin, not down the toilet  
  • allowing fat, oil and grease to cool before putting it in the bin. Do not pour it down the sink 
  • ensuring your sinks, washing machine and dishwasher are connected to the foul sewer and not the surface water sewer – one in five homes have a misconnection.