Surface water drainage

The sewerage charge you pay includes the cost of removing and treating surface water.

This is the water that falls on your roof or the hard paved surfaces of your property such as a driveway or patio.

If there is a sewer nearby you may find evidence of this, such as a heavy duty manhole cover. If this is the case, it is likely that surface water from your property drains directly to the sewer. 

Apply for an allowance

If you can prove that the majority of the rainwater from your property doesn't drain to a public sewer you could be entitled to a reduction in your sewerage bill.

Step 1: Check your bill to see if you receive sewerage services from us. If you don't please contact the relevant company.

Step 2: If you do receive sewerage services from us, check whether you are already receiving an allowance. This will show on your bill as reduced – no surface water connection if your property is metered. If it is unmetered, it will show as reduced standing charge – no surface water.

Step 3: If you are receiving sewerage services from us and your bill doesn't show that you are already receiving an allowance, you can apply.

To claim for an allowance, you must prove that the majority of rainfall:

  • from your roof or shared roof drains into a soakaway at the front and rear of your property
  • from your garden, drive, patio or yard runs off into the ground.

Your claim will be unsuccessful if:

  • you use a water butt but have no soakaways
  • rainwater from your roof runs indirectly to a sewer, eg, across a pavement, driveway or hard-paved areas. 

Need to know

The average amount of the allowance is £20 per year. If your property is unmetered, the amount varies according to your rateable value.

If you are entitled to the allowance it will be backdated by six years* or to the date you became responsible for charges for the property* or to the date the property was disconnected from the company sewer system for surface water*.

You are not entitled to an allowance if you don't have soakaways but use a water butt to collect water from your roof.

If you are eligible for the allowance, it will be deducted automatically from all future bills for that property.

* whichever is the most recent