Plumbing responsibility Pipework_responsibility_diagram

You're responsible for ensuring the design and materials used for the plumbing inside your home meets the national legal requirements*. 

This applies to all plumbing fixtures, eg, pipes, taps, tanks, toilets and appliances, and also includes the service pipe from your house to the external stop tap. 

Sometimes we can help with leaks on your service pipe - find out more about our free leak repair service. 

Regulation 5 notification

There are certain water systems that you must tell us about before you begin installation work, eg, rainwater harvesting systems. Find out more about how to notify us and a list of other installations we must be told about. 

You are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the plumbing system so it is worth checking your insurance policy to make sure you are covered adequately. 

* Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999.

Do you meet the regulations?

Before carrying out plumbing work, check whether your plans meet the law. 

Find a qualified plumber

Search for an approved plumber using the online directory from WaterSafe.

Plumbing regulations - our role

Learn about how our dedicated team is responsible for enforcing the regulations.

Got taste or odour issues?

Find out how to solve taste and odour problems caused by internal plumbing.

Plumbing alteration notification

Before you plan to install new or alter any existing plumbing, check whether you need to tell us first.

Protect your pipes for winter

To avoid getting caught out by the cold this winter, follow our tips for your home.

Are you connected right?

Is your home one of the 500,000 in the UK which has a misconnection?

Hire a portable standpipe

How to hire a portable standpipe to access a temporary supply from our network.

Planning a public event?

Get advice on what to do if you're planning an event that needs a water supply.