Saving water could save you money

A lot of the water we use around the home requires heating, which uses energy, so saving water can make big savings off your energy bill, as well as your water bill if you're on a meter.

Saving water also protects the environment by keeping rivers and streams flowing. Here's how much you could save.

Area of your home




Each household member can take a minute off their daily shower

£150 a year

(for a family of four)

Washing machine

Cut out two washing loads a week by only washing on a full load

£50 a year

Leaking toilet

Check how to spot a leaky loo and contact a plumber to fix it

£50 a month

Leaking taps

Check your taps for even the slowest drips

£20 to £140 a year

Water saving estimations calculated using Wessex Water's forecast 2024/25 charges as of October 2023 and the average water consumption of appliances. Energy saving estimations calculated using the October 2023 standard variable tariff and the average energy consumption of appliances.

More water-saving tips

Follow or top tips to save water, energy and money in your home and garden, while also benefiting the environment.

Customer watering flowers with a watering can