Schools and careers engagement

We work with local schools and groups to provide impartial advice and showcase the many career opportunities we offer.

About our engagement programme

We offer a wide variety of job roles and careers at Wessex Water, from leakage inspectors to environmental scientists and everything in between.

To help people of all ages and abilities find a suitable career, we work with local schools and groups to provide impartial advice and showcase the many career opportunities we offer, including apprenticeships and graduate roles.

Through this engagement, we aim to:

  • increase the confidence of students in preparation for the recruitment processes
  • develop employability skills
  • and inspire and inform students about the multiple careers opportunities within the water industry.

What we offer

Depending on your curriculum agenda and requirements throughout the school year, we can offer one or more of the following:

We come to you:

Technical speakers

Inspirational talks by experts from within Wessex Water help to empower and inspire young people about their potential career opportunities.

Classroom activity

Our career-related learning includes activities that broaden young people’s horizons and raise their aspirations.

Careers fairs

By attending your careers fair, students can get an insight into the opportunities and benefits of a starting a career with Wessex Water.


Our exciting presentations give young people the chance to start thinking about their future careers and next steps.


Our assembly activities enable schools to deliver careers guidance across each year group for all learners.

Two young male students talking to a Wessex Water employee

Employability skills:

CV workshops

Our CV workshops focus on improving application and CV writing to support the process of getting a new job.

Interview workshops

We offer interview workshops to practice interview skills, improve responses to typical questions and explore potential challenges experienced during an interview process.

Speed interviews

These give young people the opportunity to experience fast-paced interview scenario and enable them to build confidence and learn how to succeed.


Our mentors share their knowledge and skills with the aim of motivating and encouraging young people to build confidence and set personal goals.

An apprentice filling out a form

Visit us:

Site visits

Visiting our sites offers young people the chance to learn about how we treat water and sewage and highlights career opportunities available at Wessex Water.

Work experience

We offer work experience opportunities across our entire business to give students an insight into the inner workings of a water and sewerage company.

Young People's Panel

Our Young People’s Panel is an exciting work experience opportunity for young people across our region to have their say in the future of our business.

Insight workshop

Delivering engaging and involving talks, we offer young people the chance to develop a range of tips and skills for their future careers.

Team building activities

Enjoyable and effective team building exercises help to improve individual and social skills as well as how to work cohesively within a group setting.


Our presentations are designed to introduce young people to life and work skills that will help develop their career potential.

Student taking part in Wessex Water's Young People's Panel

Contact us

For more information about our engagement programme and to request an activity, please email us.