Pollution spotters

Be a pollution spotter

We’re committed to protecting the environment and it’s important if you suspect anything untoward – particularly in or around watercourses – that it’s reported to us.

Spotting signs of suspected pollution could include toilet paper, tissues or wipes, faecal matter, condoms or sanitary products in a river or stream, on land, or on the coast. 

Items wrongly flushed down the loo can lead to blockages and cause pollution.

Other things to look out for include: 

  • a river or stream appearing cloudy or milky, soap suds or foam in a river or stream, grey feathery ‘sewage fungus’ on the bed of a river or stream or dead or gasping fish
  • a noticeable sewage smell.

Our teams will respond and attend the area immediately and we’ll update the Environment Agency.

If you see a suspected pollution, please call us immediately and provide a location and description. Call any time on 0345 600 4 600.