Water pipe responsibility

If you experience an issue with a water supply pipe, such as a leak, it’s important that you know who is responsible for fixing it.

What water pipes are your responsibility?

You are responsible for:

  • the maintenance of the plumbing inside your property, including all pipework, water tanks, taps and overflows
  • the service pipe from your property to the street boundary including any pipework crossing third-party land.

We are responsible for maintaining the pipework beyond the boundary of your property. This includes service pipes and water mains.

Pipework Responsibility Supply

Our pipework

We maintain it and fix leaks as quickly as we can.

Your private supply pipe

Your responsibility, but we'll help you look after it.

Your pipework and fittings

Your responsibility, and you'll need to contact a plumber if you have any problems with them. Find a plumber

Help with water leaks

If you have a leak but are unsure what section of pipework it is on, please follow our leakage advice to locate and report it.