How to find and read your water meter

Locate and read your water meter by following these simple steps.

We normally read your meter every six months, but if we send you an estimated bill you can send us an actual meter reading to ensure your bill is accurate. 

Finding your meter

If you have a meter, you will most likely find it near your property's boundary. Most meters are fitted outside your home either in the front garden or pavement. They are usually found in an underground chamber and covered with a lid marked ‘water’.

If you don't find it outside, it may be inside your home - either under the sink or near your stop tap. If you live in a flat or apartment, you might find your meter and stop tap in a cabinet inside the building. Your meter should have your flat number marked on it.

If you can’t access your meter, contact us and we may be able to move it at no cost to you.

Reading your meter

Step 1

If your meter is in an underground chamber, lift the outer lid using a flat-headed screwdriver. Indoor meters don’t have lids.

Step 2

Remove the polystyrene cover if there is one. If there's an inner metal lid, pull it up to see the meter face. Remember to put this back once you've taken the reading to protect your meter from frost damage.

Step 3

Check that the serial number on your bill matches the one on the meter to make sure you are reading the correct meter.

Step 4

Note down or take a photo of the number on your meter (the black figures only).

Can't read your meter?

If you are on our Priority Services register and cannot read your meter for whatever reason, we can do it for you. Contact us to arrange a meter reading.

How to send a meter reading

Once you have found and read your meter, you can send us a reading online.

Understanding your meter reading

Your water meter records how much water you use. We calculate your bill based on how much you have used since your last reading.

Your water meter will show your water usage in cubic metres (m3). There are 1,000 litres of water in a cubic metre.

The black digits on your meter are cubic metres and the red digits are litres.