How to avoid blockages

Discover how to protect your home, the environment and our sewer network from blockages.

Keep your home blockage free

Follow these simple steps to prevent a blockage from leaving you with a costly mess to get fixed.

The impact of sewer misuse

Flushing wet wipes and sanitary items down the toilet and putting FOGs down the sink can be expensive and damaging to both your home and the environment.

In your home

Blockages can lead to sewage backing up into your bathroom or kitchen through the toilet or sink. If the blockage is on a section of pipe you are responsible for, it will also leave you with an expensive mess to get fixed.

In the environment

Blockages can burst sewers or cause them to overflow, resulting in wipes and other disposable items making their way into rivers and the sea causing river and marine pollution.

Order your free waste devices

If we provide you with sewerage services, you can order a free waste pack from us.

These devices will help keep your drains clear of blockages, while also preventing unwanted plumbing bills.

Your free waste devices will be processed and dispatched by Save Water Save Money on behalf of Wessex Water.

Check if you are eligible

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