Saving water in the home

Save water in the home 

We can all save water by making simple changes to our daily habits.  

Tips to save water in the bathroom

73% of the water you use in the home is typically used in the bathroom

Free water saving pack

Our free water saving pack has devices to help you save water in your home. It contains:

  • a four-minute shower timer to remind you when it is time to get out of the shower
  • a cistern bag to save 1.2 litres every time you flush (not suitable for dual flush toilets, or for cisterns with a capacity of less than seven litres)
  • a leaky loo strip to help you identify if your toilet has a leak.
  • a twin tap aerator kit to save up to 18 litres a day.

Order your free water saving pack

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Got a leaky loo?

Do a simple test to see if water is being wasted.