Community Connectors

We are transforming the way we work with local communities to ensure they receive the support they need through our Community Connectors project. 

About the project

For the first time, we are working with whole communities to identify and tackle a number of shared environmental and social priorities, which will also help us work towards achieving the outcomes that form our strategic direction.

We’ve chosen Chippenham and Bridport as the first two communities to pilot this project. The aim is to help these communities transform their approach to saving water and valuing their local green and blue environment.

In these two areas, we have set up local advisory groups which have helped us to agree shared priorities and co-design projects. And we have already started funding a range of projects through the Wessex Water Foundation.

If this new way of supporting communities is successful, we will expand the project to target additional communities across the region and help deliver our outcomes for 2025-30 and beyond.

The Community Connectors project so far

Over the course of our Community Connectors pilot project, we have been working with local communities and stakeholders in Chippenham and Bridport to provide funding to local groups to deliver community projects.

Groups such as Wiltshire and Swindon Sports Partnership, Rooted Chippenham, Sustainable Bridport, and Dorset Wildlife Trust received funding for a range of projects including water harvesting, health and wellbeing activities, and river health. We also partnered with Hello Lamp Post to produce interactive digital signs around Chippenham and Bridport so customers can learn more about their local water and sewerage services.

Through this project, we were able to work more closely with our local communities and come together to meet our shared goals of addressing future challenges around climate and resources. We look to continue to develop these relationships and increase access and reach for local people, making projects such as Community Connectors available for more communities across our region.

Community Connectors Chippenham

Find out how we are working with communities in Chippenham to make a real difference to the lives of local people and the environment.

Community Connectors Bridport

Find out how we are working with communities in Bridport to make a real difference to the lives of local people and the environment.