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WaterSure Plus

WaterSure Plus can help you if you are on a low income and you have a water meter. It will put a limit on your charges for water and sewerage services

What is WaterSure Plus?

WaterSure Plus helps reduce your water bill if you use a lot of water for reasons beyond your control and you receive certain income-related benefits. 

Who's WaterSure Plus for?

It is for any qualifying customer who has a water meter and lives in a low income household with unavoidably high water use. 

You must receive a means tested benefit or tax credit as well as either: 

  • child benefit for three or more children living at home under the age of 19; or
  • have higher than average water usage in your household due to a medical condition.  

How does WaterSure Plus work?

We cap your metered bill in line with the average metered bill so you won’t be charged more than the capped amount for reasons you cannot help.

If your metered bill is lower than the Watersure Plus charge, we will only charge you for the lower amount. 

We will contact you each year to reapply.

Are you renewing or applying for WaterSure Plus?