Leakage allowance

In certain circumstances we reduce charges due to leakage.

Metered customers

If you have had a leak and it has been repaired, you can can claim back the cost of the leaked water.

You will normally receive a full allowance for the water and sewerage charges caused by the leak.

You will get the allowance automatically if we know that a leak has been repaired and we have the information we need.

Sewerage only customers

If your water is supplied by Bristol Water or Bournemouth Water, you will get an allowance for the leaked water from them.

If we supply your sewerage services, we will adjust your sewerage charges as well.

You could get an allowance for your sewerage charges even if you do not get one from your water company. All we need is proof that the leak has been repaired, eg, a plumber’s bill.

What you need to know

  • For leaks that you are responsible for fixing, you must repair the leak within 28 days of our visit to qualify for the allowance and you must claim the allowance within six months of the date of repair
  • The allowance is calculated based on your normal usage. You won’t have to pay your affected bill until this has been done
  • If you are a newly metered customer, we will take readings after the leak has been repaired to work out your normal usage
  • The allowance will be backdated up to a maximum of two years
  • You can claim a maximum of two leak allowances for leaks inside your home. If you ask for a second or subsequent allowance, you may be asked to show that you are keeping a regular eye on your water supply, eg, by taking meter readings and dealing quickly with unexplained use

Apply for a leakage allowance

If you think you should get an allowance you can apply online or call us.